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School Supplies for Drogong Primary School
Project Manager: Tashitso (Joy)

Improve the living conditions of school students, increase school enrollments and raise the literacy rate. Also, increase the villagers’ disposable and improve their health.

The Tendel Group funded this project

Tashitso is from Golok autonomous Tibetan prefecture, Qinghai Province, China. She graduated in 2005 with an Associated degree in English from Qinghai Normal University Nationalities Department’s English Training Program.

What? Main goal of the project (68 blankets, 68 bedding sets, 68 bedding sheets, 60 quilts, 60 quilts’ covers, 5 stoves with 20 chimneys, 25 bags of flour,30 bags of candies,10 thermoses and 15 solar cookers for Tibetan students.
Who? Main beneficiaries of the project (the people of Garima village in Jiangri Towmship, Padma County, Golok Prefecture, Qinghai Province).

Photos of project implementation:photo
A picture of the students’ dormitory before the project.

The students are standing in line to receive candies before they got their supplies.

A picture of the students’ dormitory after the project.

photo 4
One of the teacher and two men are from Jiangri township help to install the solar cookers.

photo  5
The students are standing in line to receive their supplies.

Project summary:
The project manager (Tashitso) informed the school about the available project funds from the Tendel Group. Then Tashitso and the schoolteachers discussed how to implement the project successfully. Then Tashito went to pick up the money in Xining where she bought school supplies: 68 blankets, 68 bedding sets (including 68 sheets), 60 quilts (including quilt covers and 5 stoves). Then Tashitso transported the school supplies from Xining City to Padma County where she bought 25 bags of flour, 20chimneys, 20 bags of candies and 10 thermoses. The project manager planed to buy the solar cookers at same time with the school supplies, because of the bad weather the company couldn’t transport them until the weather was getting better (February, 15). After she bought everything then she and the teachers at the school transported the supplies from Padma County to the school. Before the project implementation one of the teachers at the school held a meeting with the students to tell them some rules of the sustainability’s of the project, for example, the beddings should be passed down from one student to another. The project manager and the teachers at the school discussed to give the students some candies before they got the supplies because they (the project manager and the teachers) think it’s very important to make the children to be happy. Then let the students stood in line to receive candies and their supplies. After they got all their supplies they used the new supplies to make their beds are nicer and warmer (see on the above picture).

Project title: School supplies for ‘ Pros Sgang Primary School

Project goals: The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions of school students, increase school enrollments and raise the literacy rate. Also, increase the villagers’ disposable and improve their health.

Location of project: Garima Village, Jiangri Towmship, Padma County, Golok Prefecture, Qingahi Province.

Total beneficiaries: This project has directly benefited 116 people-68 students, 3 lamas, 7 teachers and 38 monks.

Implementation organization/individual: Tashitso (Joy), Garzeng (He is both the teacher and lama at this school) and the other 6 teachers of the school and Shem Women’s Group.

Contact Group: Shem Women’s Group

Funds received: Source, Amount, and Date Received

The Tendel Group gave 44,034rmb 15th of November 2006

Details of project activities

Month Activity description
August 27, 2006 The project manager (Tashitso) informed the school that the project was funded.
October 4, 2006 Tashitso asked the teachers at the school about what is the best way to spend the extra money.
October 8, 2006 Tashitso and the three teachers at the school discussed the sustainability of the project and they decided to pass the bedding and other supplies from one school year to next. This way they will be in use for at least 10 years.
November 15, 2006 Tashitso went to collect the funding in Xining.
November18 and19, 2006 Tashitso bought 68 blankets, 68 bedding sets (including 68 sheets), 60 quilts (including quilt covers) and 5 stoves in Xining.
November 20 and 21, 2006 Tashitso transported the school bedding and other supplies to Padma County, Golok Prefecture.
November 27 ,2006 Tashitso bought 20 chimneys, 30 bags of candies, 10 thermoses 25 bags of flour.
November 27, 2006 Tashitso implemented the project and she and the teachers distributed the supplies to the students.
December 1, 2006 Tashitso visited the project site four days after the project was implemented. She observed some of their classrooms and the library space in which the donated books are installed.
December 1, 2006& February 17, 2007 Tashitso interviewed the teachers and the students at the school about the project. She took photos and collected information for the final report.
February , 15 Bought 15 solar cookers from Changhong company (长虹电灶厂)
February, 20 Wrote final report.

Financial Progress:

# 1

receipt 2
# 2

receipt 3
# 3

receipt 4
# 4

receipt 5
# 5

receipt 6

Date Receipt # Item Description Cost per item in RMB Total cost in RMB
11/17&18/06 4 68 bed sheets 35 2,380
11/17&18/06 4 68 beddings (Sponge see on the above pictures) 65 4,420
11/17&18/06 2 68 blankets 210 14,280
11/17&18/06 1 60 quilts 55 3,300
11/17&18/06 1 60 quilts covers 35 2,100
11/17&18/06 3 5 stoves 410 2,050
11/25/2006 20 chimneys 10 200
11/25/06 5 25 bags of flour 85 2,125
11/25/2006 5 10 thermoses 15 /thermoses 150
11/25/2006 5 30 bags of candies 15/bag 450
11/22/2006 N/A Transportation fee from Xining to Padma County 900 900
11/ /26/06 N/A Transportation fee from Padma to the School. ( 3 trucks of supplies) 300 300
1/15/2007 6 15 solar cookers 200 3,000
12/1/2006 N/A Film Free
Total 35,655
Amount from Tendel Group 44,034
Amount remaining 8,379

According the original budget we have to buy 40 solar cookers, but the teachers at the school thought it’s more useable to buy 15 solar cookers and use the left mount of money on both the bookshelves for the new library and robes for the students with getting the Tendel Group’s permission. Then we (the teachers at the school and the project manager) have discussed to divide this money into parts to use; we will add 3,379rmb to make bookshelves for the school library in this summer. And use left 5,000rmb to make robes for the students because these students are from poor families of this area and they currently have no warm clothes to wear in the wintertime.

Delays, Difficulties, and lessons learned

We could not buy the solar cookers according the original project proposal because of the bad weather and the company couldn’t transport them until the weather was good (February, 15). The project manager (Tashitso) wrote to the donor (Deborah) and told her the situation and then they discussed about how to implement the project.

The cold winter weather and poor road conditions made transportation difficult. It snowed on the day that the school supplies were to be supplied. This meant that a small truck was rented, rather than the larger one that was originally planned for. The road from Padma county town to the school is narrow and steep, and was built by local monks and villagers. Both the students and the teachers swept the snow on the road from their school to the bottom of the mountain before we transported the supplies to the school. Although this process was difficult for everyone involved, the community was kind, respectable and supportive. Supplies were transported without any problems.

Lessons learned
Through this project, I learned the project managers should have enough time to collect information for the projects, such as interviews and take pictures. According to my project in which includes many different parts, I had to delay one of these parts (solar cookers) because of the bad weather and I could not transport the solar cookers until February 15, 2007. Therefore, I could not complete it within one month; also because of poor condition it’s very common for my hometown (Padma County) to stop the electricity regularly in the wintertime. The only one internet bar would not open because of the terrible interruption of the electricity, so I really had a very hard time to complete my project in my hometown and I could not work on it until I went back to my work place in Ganze(Sichuan)


He is one of the students (13 years old) and before the Tendel Group’s donation, they did not have warm beddings, but now every student got warm, new and nice beddings from Tendel Group. He is very happy and he wants to say thank you very much for their endless donations.

Tashitso: Do you know from whom or where did you get these supplies?

Tserang (One of the students): Yes, our foreign donors gave them to us, they also bought books for library and text books for us.

He then showed the project manager (Tashitso) one of the textbooks, which was donated by Deborah Peterson.
photo 7
He is one of the teachers (35 years old) and before this project many students missed classes from sickness caused by lack of warm beddings, after the project this problem was solved. He says thank you very much for your donations and we never forget your kindness and we will usually pray for you.

Tashitso: What has changed since the project was completed?

Gazeng (One of the teachers): After the students had the new, warm bedding, their overall health improved. In past years when they did not have warm beddings, and as a result many students missed their classes due to sickness brought on by cold weather. The number of students who miss classes has been reduced since the implementation of this project. This project has also inspired many new students to attend the school.
photo 7
He is also one of the students (17 years old) and he says before this project they had a hard time to drink enough hot water and they also did not have warm classrooms and dormitories, but now all of these problems were solved by Tendel Group. He also says it’s unbelievable to receive such many supplies from Tendel Group and he says he will never forget your kindness and generous donations.

Tashitso: Do you think it’s helpful or useful to have solar cookers?

Dorji: Yes, especially for our school because of low income, we could not afford stoves and fuel before, but since we got Tendel Group’s donations, now we have warm classrooms and dormitories. It’s very useful to have solar cookers because without consuming any fuel we can enjoy hot water for drinking and cleaning.

Letter of appreciation


Dear Tendel Group,

We are delighted to report to you about the successful completion of the school supplies project for ‘Pros Sgang Primary School in Jiangri Township, Padma County, Golok Prefecture, Qinghai Province. With your contribution of 44,034RMB, we bought 68 blankets, 68 bedding (mat), 68 bed sheets, 60 quilts, 60 quilts covers, 5 stoves, 20 chimneys, 25 bags of flour and 15 solar cookers. ‘Pros Sgang Primary School’s condition has improved since we received so many donations from the Tendel Group. Now we have a library and textbooks for the students, warm beddings, flour, stoves for both the dormitories and classrooms, and 15 solar cookers, soon we will get new book shelves and robes for each student. School enrollment levels since 2005-2006 have been increasing very fast because of the improved reputation of ‘Pros Sgang Primary School. Now the school has a high reputation because it now supplies its students with many educational resources and living supplies.

The Lamas and the teachers at the school wanted the project manager (Tashitso) to report to the donors that they valued the library books and they are keeping them in good condition in the temporary library. They say they will surely not disappoint the donors. The new library will be completed in the summer of 2007.

This project has directly benefited 116 people – 68 students, 3 lamas,7 teachers and 38 monks. It has also indirectly benefited many local people by improving the educational standards at the school. The health levels and living conditions of those in the township greatly improved since the solar cookers are installed. We will never forget your kindness and generous donations to help us, and we will always pray for you. We want to say thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for your supportive donations.

The people of ‘Pros Sgang Primary School and Jiangri Township