Home And Carpet Cleaning Ideas For Women - shemgroup.org

Inspired by the development-oriented Shem Women's Group, the new ShemGroup.org introduces carpet and home cleaning ideas for all households.

Seasoned Homekeepers and Carpet Cleaning Veterans

Almost every woman in the world has an amazing eye for detail. From colors to furniture that would fit a small or large room in the house, women consider each small detail.

Women are better organized when it comes to a home’s cleanliness. They understand the value of cleanliness at home, and the health hazards of unclean carpets.

ShemGroup.org is a blog maintained by women concerned with vacuumed-only carpets. Inspired by the design and development-oriented Shem Women’s Group of Tibet, ShemGroup.org intends to carry this spirit into improving the homes and health of women who take care of their households through the biggest furniture of almost any house: carpets.

Improving is not easy but ShemGroup.org would make this task easier by introducing helpful and thoughtful ideas from seasoned homekeepers and carpet cleaning veterans for efficiently cleaning carpets and rooms.

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