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Tibetan Rugs: Vacuuming Is Not Enough Cleaning Them

Tibetan rugs have a distinct characteristic of central Asia and tell profound stories without words. Manufacturers, both hand-weaving makers and factory-made rugs, have Tibetan-inspired designs that are pleasing to the eyes. Traditionally, cotton and wool make up most Tibet carpets, which mark their authenticity, and their likelihood of housing dirt and dangerous organisms.

Most households believe that vacuum cleaning is enough to remove dirt and sooth from their carpets. From the magnification of an eye, a clean carpet is one that is free of stains and any debris, but under a microscope, bacteria and viruses living in their carpets may surprise homeowners.

Vacuuming is not enough carpet cleaning indeed.

Only For Appearances

A clean carpet is one that is free of stains, visible debris and discoloration. Home remedies guarantee you can remove the stickiest gum or the most stubborn stain from soil, mud or other outside dirt from your carpet. However, the truth is, it just makes the carpet pleasing to the eye.

Most professional cleaning services for carpets only use vacuuming as a starter. Pressurized wind and device vibrations shake the rug’s fibers, effectively dislodging dirt and dust. Vacuuming leaves residues, which steaming or dry cleaning methods deal with efficiently.

Sly Bacteria And Viruses

Vacuum cleaning may suck in a fraction of the population of microorganisms in your carpets, specifically those situated on dust, soot, grime, and mildew between the fibers. However, most of these creatures hide and attach themselves carefully to the rug’s materials.

Washing with water is not enough; the organisms would only use the moisture as nourishment, which paves the way for their growing population. Carpet cleaners have special formulas that reach the deepest areas of your carpet and eliminate these odor and disease-causing creatures.

Continuous Source Of Dirt

If you vacuum a rug every day or at least once a week, it becomes the central source of dirt and sickness. As vacuuming dislodges dirt, sweeping the carpet, which households perform often, does not clean the carpet; it only worsens the problem by spreading the dust. The dust travels to other areas of the house, namely door and kitchen carpets, and even wool-surfaced furniture.

Shortens Rug Lifespan

An unclean rug is a metropolis of organisms that feed on the fibers of your carpet. As they continue to feed, the carpet’s lifespan shortens.

Cotton and wool carpets are likely victims of organisms that feed on their materials because of their organic properties. It would take more than just a morning vacuum and sweep to stop these creatures from nourishing themselves on carpets.

Another thing: carpets with organisms that reproduce and breed with the material of carpets send dangerous airborne byproducts,  significantly reducing your home’s air quality.

A Healthier Home (For Doing More Than Vacuuming The House)

It pays to know about carpet cleaning solutions and considering a carpet cleaning company’s services because your household’s health is on the line. Mites and lice could live inside carpets and feed on nutrients collected from soil and rug fibers.

Even if you do have to pay a bit more for services or investing in effective cleaning tools and appliances, you guarantee your household’s health.