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Inspired by the development-oriented Shem Women's Group, the new ShemGroup.org introduces carpet and home cleaning ideas for all households.

Home And Carpet Cleaning Ideas For Women

Women Are The Masters Of Their Life… and Home

A post World War II Tibet saw its women only having secondary roles in society. The lack of empowerment left most women unaware of their potential as powerful and intelligent humans. The four founders of the original Tibetan Shem Women’s Group knew that their role is more than just a secondary authority in a home and their life.

The original Shem Women’s Group focused on developing projects for communities to empower women about their skills and capabilities. Improving their view of themselves, these women decided that they are the masters of their life, which is the message we try to convey through this blog.

The Basics Of A Clean Home

As leaders of your business and career, women who choose to be the leaders of their own home understand the tenets of a healthy home.

A healthy home maintains the happiness and positivity of its members, provides nourishment in both physical and spiritual form and ensures its physical environment will not introduce any physical harm to their members.

This website focuses on the third tenet, the physical cleanliness of a home. Your home’s windows, doors, walls, and upholstery would collect dust and soot, but none of them could come close to the amount of danger your floor carpets collect.

Cleanliness Is A Deep-Cleaned Carpet

For most households, a rug at the center of a living room functions as an ornament and acts as a soft surface comfortable to the sole (pun not intended). This soft surface made from cotton, wool, olefin or nylon could stretch across the entire living room and bedroom floors common in American homes.

Lady cleaning a rug

However, the bigger your carpet, the more debris it collects. An accidental spillage leaves a stain, or it could enhance the dangers of soil or dust stuck in the deepest fibers of your carpet.

Making things worse is the presence of moisture that allows bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms to take residence and multiply in your stylish carpet. A daily vacuum and sweep only please the eyes; women must take leadership in using proper carpet cleaning methods to remove these household health dangers.

The Hazards Of Dirty Rugs

Healthcare specialists do not approve of installing carpets and rugs in homes because bacteria and viruses that breed in carpets could introduce lung infections. Vacuuming the carpets and sweeping them dislodges dust and debris, the homes of these creatures. As they are sent airborne, nearby household members, especially younger children and pets, may inhale these hazards.

Dirty rugs and carpets decrease the air quality of your home. Fight back by learning more about the right carpet cleaning methods such as steaming or hot water extraction and dry cleaning, and the tools and techniques needed to achieve the adequate level of carpet cleanliness.

Lessons To Learn and Capitalize From

It takes some time to develop skills and experience in maintaining the cleanliness of a home, including procuring the needed equipment to clean a carpet thoroughly. In fact, it costs quite a huge investment in time and money to ensure the cleanliness of a household.

However, the original Shem women knew they needed to step up and capitalize on the lessons they have learned. The knowledge found in this website regarding home carpet cleaning is one that helps women make cleaner and safer households and one that provides an opportunity to profit from these lessons.

As you understand the concept of carpet cleanliness, you would also understand the importance of developing your community’s household cleanliness levels.

Spreading The (Clean) Love

Deep-carpet cleaning is a trial-and-error method that most existing carpet cleaners would admit is an investment of time and resources to develop and patent methods that give them an edge over their business competition.

As household women learn to clean carpets effectively to make them debris and germ-free, the website shares knowledge that helps them improve the cleanliness levels of their community’s homes in the form of carpet cleaning business ideas.

Carpet cleaning equipment is a huge investment, and time women spend learning to use them would lead them to profit while helping improve their communities by spreading the love with carpet cleanliness.

Dive Right In

In the spirit of the original Shem Women’s Group, knowledge and self-empowerment are both crucial to ensure the health and happiness of your home. Empower yourself with experience in maintaining a cleaner home through carpet cleaning and business knowledge to parallel the achievements of Tibet’s finest women: to develop and improve their local communities.